Sunday, February 5, 2012

Detached Observer

Where the intellect is free from assumptions 
the right decisions are made

As soon as we are faced with a situation we directly correlate it to some previous incident and make assumptions based on our past experiences about the situations or the people involved. Such assumptions sometimes lead us to wrong decisions.

The solution lies in detaching ourselves from our past experiences. Of course we have to learn from the experiences of our past, but we also need to be open to look at the situation in a new way. Such detachment will enable us to make the right decision.

Detachment is a special quality of the human soul. It activates the faculty of the intellect which is connected to judgment, discernment and decision making. The intellect is empowered through pause, silence, a self respecting dialogue with the self or through reflection, and thus all the clarity that is needed is released.

Today, just before a "prefabricated" thought emerges in your mind about someone or something, take a deep breath… stop , observe the "ready made" thought that comes from your memory and choose your next creation, your next thought…

Friday, January 27, 2012

The seed

Once the seed of spirituality really blooms inside me, then its’ fragrance will touch the others without any effort. If spirituality is just an idea for me and not a reality, then the seed will not be able to bloom, no matter my efforts.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Realization of our own role

To recognise the uniqueness of one's own role is
to be free from negativity

When things start going wrong in our life, a thought sometimes comes into our minds:"…if I only had a better role…". We then begin to compare ourselves with others or wish for something better in our life, which makes us lose all our enthusiasm. We then make no effort to better our role.

We need to recognise the importance of our own role. Like an actor who doesn't try to change his role but instead decides to bring perfection to his role, we, too, need to concentrate on our own unique role. The recognition of the importance of our own role and the desire to bring excellence to it, makes us free from the vicious vicious circle of negativity.

Exercise for the day
1. What is my role in the scenery of life? What is my speciality and which aspects of my expression through this role need to be revised?

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Genuine happiness transforms any burden to a pleasure.
Then there is no task that I am not able to perform and there is no spiritual height that I am not able to reach.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quality Transformation

Quality transformers can be compared to the oyster. When a tiny foreign particle invades (enters) the oyster’s home, it secretes a liquid that combines with the particle to finally create a pearl.
The pearl can live in the oyster's home for the rest of the oyster's natural life without causing any disturbance.

In the same way, rather than react negatively to people and events, we can accept them and mould with them. Through thoughts of acceptance and power, our consciousness jumps to another level of perception and we realise that what we might have previously regarded as a problem can, if handled correctly, be a means to develop our strengths and remove our weaknesses.

We will realise that a problem or can in fact be a gift : it all depends on our perception of the experience. The choice is ours and not anyone else's…at the end of the day we all have to live with ourselves...!

Exercise in silence
Have some quality time for yourself and make your silence creative by noticing all those "problems" that come in order to become your… pearls.
Remaining detached from the external form of the situation let me ask myself:

- What message / quality is hidden behind the external name & form?

- Which internal power should I develop so that I can stay uninfluenced?

- Where will I draw that power from?

- Which pearl do I still deprive myself of?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In the scenery of my mind

Where my mind goes... that is what I become... this is what I am

The sun is a suitable image for positive thinking.

The visualization described below uses a sunlit landscape as a comparison for the four levels of thoughts we create: positive, necessary, waste and negative. It can be used to increase your percentage of positive thoughts everyday.

Through these levels the soul has the opportunity to create its internal experiences and finally its external behaviour, its action.

Visualize a beautiful valley with a lake, forested foothills and high mountains rising up into the clouds. This is the landscape of your mind.

Your position in this landscape and the form in which you are displayed depends on the quality of your thoughts.

Are you a fish swimming in the muddy depths of the lake (negative thoughts)?
Are you a frog jumping back and forth from the shore to the lake, wasting time (wasteful thoughts)?

Are you a human, wandering into the forest to gather food and build a shelter (necessary thoughts)? Or the sun, which sustains (nourishes) all life on earth (positive thoughts)?

Points to Reflect upon:

Which position and form do you prefer to have in the landscape of your mind?

What is it that prevents you reaching this position and whose choice is it?

Today, what is your internal plan of action for reaching this position and what kind of fuel is necessary for this journey? Where do you plan to find this fuel?

Bon Voyage!

Monday, October 17, 2011

My principles

When my principles are very deeply rooted inside me, I will follow them no matter what the situations are or what others do.

I will never have the expectation that others should also accept, respect and follow them.